Star Kidz FAQ'S

We have complied a list of frequenty asked questions that you might have. If you still have a query which is unanswered please do not hesitate to Contact us.

It is very simple, just click on “Sign In” on the top left hand side on the site and follow the following steps –
Step 1: Register your child CLICK HERE
Step 2: Fill up your child’s details
Step 3:You will be shown how to use the site
Step 4:See the contests applicable for your child’s age group
Step 5:Let the child work on the entry
Step 6:Take a short video of the child working on the entry
Step 7:Take a picture of child’s work
Step 8:Login to (Username & password sent to your registered email ID)
Step 9:Select the contest
Step 10: Submit your entry !
The Star Kidz is the e-platform where a child’s creative aptitude is represented, rewarded & replicated. There will be multidisciplinary contests being held from time to time, which will help the children showcase their potential. Even if the child does not participate in any of the contests, each of the registered children will have their personal gallery where they can showcase their best works, and share with people, totally free of cost.
A separate ID needs to be created for every child.
Every child is unique and carry their signatures in their creativity. At every child gets their personal space to showcase their work, hence a separate ID needs to be there for every child.
Top ranked participants will get a certificate, a medal & their works will be displayed at the honour roll. Depending upon the type of contest, top ranked participants will get an opportunity for mentorship by masters in that field.
Yes, every participant will get an e-certificate for participation through the registered email.
You will be given a link on The Staz Kidz Lounge, which you can share with anyone.
The registration is totally free.
The winners will be intimated through email, and the results will be displayed on website also. Historical results will also be available on the website.
Star-Bucks are required each entry :
For Coloursmith, Craftsmith & Wordsmith Contests – Rs. 125 per entry
For Notesmith, Movesmith, Clicksmith & Stylesmith Contests - Rs. 450 per entry
We are concerned about your privacy and ensure that all data collected is managed in a protected environment with restricted access to prevent misuse. For more details please read our Privacy Policy.
We want that the child gets a fair platform to showcase the talent. In our endeavor to ensure fairness, we require some basic details to ensure the participant is of the right age group.
Yes, it is possible, please write to us at .
One can take part in all the open contests simultaneously where the child is eligible.
The Star Kidz is an online platform, so there is no capping on the number of participants.
The entries will be judged by an experienced panel of judges from a variety of backgrounds.
Depending on the contest, children between the ages 4 years up to 16 years can participate.
The child’s exclusive gallery on My Kidz Lounge remains active until the child attains 19 years of age, where the child can upload/showcase/share up to 20 best works, however, after the age of 16 the child will not able to participate in any of the contest.